Key ingredients for the affordable scale-up of cellular agriculture

Animal-free. Food safe. Enabling a sustainable future.
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Affordable, High-quality & Sustainable

We use a proprietary machine learning platform to optimise a variety of growth factor proteins to meet the requirements for growing different animal cell types and tissues at scale.

Taking a statistical and data-led approach we design animal-free growth media that is designed for the cultivated meat industry.

Built for scale

Our system is built on principles established by the brewing, animal-feed and bio-pharmaceutical industries.

With capacity to meet scale and cost requirements, we can give our customers the tools to compete in the market.

Accelerating Cultivated Meat

Cultivated meat is the food of the future. With this new meat product, we don’t have to slaughter millions of animals every year to meet our growing demand for protein. It is also healthier, requiring no antibiotics and is grown in a sterile environment without contaminants. But most importantly, cultivated meat is going to be one of the most powerful ways to mitigate the ongoing climate crisis. Growing meat this way releases up to 87% fewer greenhouse gases than conventional meat and uses just a fraction of the land and water.
This is why our mission is design growth media that provides a collective benefit to the whole industry by lowering entry barriers, shortening routes to market, and supporting scale.
Multus is accelerating the forefront of an industry that will replace the devastating impacts of livestock agriculture.

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About Us

We are a team of scientists and engineers who believe that tackling the short-comings of conventional livestock farming is critical to secure a sustainable future.

At Multus we are developing the key ingredient, the growth media, to make cultivated meat affordable and profitable.

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